DVN Pvt. Ltd. is an independent, non-political and secular development organization registered in 1998 under then HMG (now GON) Nepal. It is registered with the Department of Industry, of the Government of Nepal with Registration No. 8772/054/055. It is duly registered with the Tax Department and the VAT office (PAN 500146011). It also registered with the Asian Development Bank (CMS No: 009183). The Firm’s business transactions are annually audited by the registered auditor and tax clearance is done annually. All required corporate certificates are presented with this profile. Its establishment was inspired by the need of exploring appropriate approaches to development and providing situations through research, consultancy and training services. It extends services to a wide range of clients including government and non-government agencies and is committed to making optimum use of the intellectual capacity of its professionals and resource personnel for improving the livelihoods of people, especially the poor, destitute and disadvantaged. It believes in the principle of social justice, equity, harmony, and dignified human life. Its basic services will be focused on attaining these principles.


DVN’s core team consists of multi-disciplinary professionals, all having a long experience in research, training, and implementation of different development projects and programs both within the country and abroad. During their professional careers in several important positions as researchers and implementers, they have made significant contributions to government, bilateral and multilateral agencies in formulating and implementing policy, strategies, plans, and programs. DVN’s in-house professionals, besides being involved in a large number of studies, have offered their specialized services to various agencies.