• Tracer Study of Short-Term Training Graduates, 35 districts of Nepal, EVENT / The World Bank, Jan –May 2015, interviewed 2500 individuals along with one dozen case studies and key informant surveys.
  • Tracer Study of Short-Term Training Graduates under EVENT Project (IDA Credit No-4924 NP / Grant No-H 673-NP); 2015/16; interviewed 3832 individuals and case studies.
  • Baseline Survey: McGovern–Dole and WFP supported Food for Education (FFE) Program in Nepal; data was collected at school level looking at WFP School Feeding performance, and at the individual/community level on education, food security, nutrition, health, cognitive development and other variables in ten districts in Nepal; WFP Asia / Kimetrica Limited, 2015 using both quantitative and qualitative tools such as labor group survey, FGDs, open interactions/discussions etc.  
  • Baseline Value Chain Study of Raising Incomes for Small and Medium Farmers (RISMF) Project, districts (Banke, Bardiya, Surkhet, Dailekh, Dang, Kailali, Dadeldhula, Doti, Darchula, Baitadi), RISMF/ADB, Sept 2013 –Jan 2014, interviewed 3,000 households. It also involved qualitative data collection more than 65 FGDs with farmer/women and disadvantaged social groups. 
  • Baseline Development of Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP), 23 districts of Nepal, MSFP/ Service Support Unit (SSU), SDC / DFID, Oct 2012 to Sept 2013 with survey size of 5,700 households. The survey also included a total of 230 FGDs, KIIs and stakeholder surveys with different forestry groups viz women groups, leasehold forestry groups, community forestry groups etc linking forest resources with their employment, incomes and livelihoods.  
  • District Specific Baseline Study for Seven District of Livelihoods and Forestry Programme in Koshi and Dhaulagiri Zone (Sankhuwasaba, Terathum, Bhojpur, Dhankuta, Myagdi, Parbat and Baglung), LFP/ DFID, Aug-03, interviewed 2,781 households. The survey captured large number of quantitative and qualitative information on forest resources and people’s livelihoods especially of women and vulnerable groups.  
  • Baseline Assessment of EbA II Project, Climate Change Management Division, MOFE; 2020; designed and implemented household survey employed CAPI technique prepared for Kobo-Collect that runs in android operated tablets; interviewed more than 400 households.
  • Nepal Inclusive Education Initiative: Diagnostic Study (Phase 1) (Baseline Study) (Contract No. 7196112); 2020. Develop sampling framework; designed data collection tools; mobilized field enumerators/supervisors and collected data from resource classroom schools, head teachers and resource classroom teachers, assessment centers, and local governments. Produced clean datasets in STATA format; prepared and submitted draft and final report and established a baseline of conditions and service provided.
  • Baseline Survey of FIP – Forests for Prosperity Project; Feb 2022; Established baseline of FIP – Forest for Prosperity Project. Implemented survey including 1200 households, 163 private forests, 283 forest-based enterprises, 213 forest user groups were interviewed. In addition, KII were held with 20 DFOs, 50 municipalities representatives, and other stakeholders. Household survey, FUG survey, Private Forest survey, and FBE survey were carried out using CAPI tools.